Woman Eats Squid Squid Tries To ‘Get Her Tongue Pregnant’

Woman was left in pain after eating Squid and rushed into the hospital for medical attention

I never talk about books in progress. I could decide to change it to a series of seafood recipes, after all. Guy Gavriel Kay

A 63- YEAR-OLD woman who eat raw squid was suffering in pain and her tongue became pregnant. this woman is from South Korea the squid injected sperm into the tissue of her mouth and she was rushed to the hospital.

Squid are delicious especially when battered and deep-fried. when the old woman was started to eat her dinner she felt something wrong in his mouth she felt something sharp pain that causes her to spit out her food. According to Journal of Parasitology the squid deposited his swimmers “Directly into here mouth and they tried to impregnate her tongue” Doctors reportedly found 12 small, white spindle-shaped,bug-like” sperm bags in her mouth

Researchers said ” As soon as she put a piece into her mouth she felt like many bugs were biting her oral mucosa and she will experienced severe sharp pain without swallowing.  Researcher added they are not sure how the spermatophore managed to implant themselves in the womans . Pathology International reported that a 21-year-old Japanese woman felt a stinging sensation after eating the sexual organs of a raw squid in japan.

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