Study Proves Eating Pizza Could Help You Lose Weight

The secret to weight loss is “Don’t eat too much”. Yes, we all know that losing weight can be very difficult for us. It’s a very big challenge for us! There are many types of diet in order for us to live a healthier life like vegan diet, south beach diet, mediterranean diet, raw food diet, blood type diet and so on. Fruits and vegetables are very important and can help us in losing our weight at the same time to have a healthier life.

Losing weight means you have to control yourself in craving for pasta, chocolates, cakes, ice cream & pizza. Wait, can you control your pizza cravings if you are a pizza lover? Uh-uh I don’t think so. I have a very good news for you!

Did you know that study discovered that eating pizza could actually help you lose your weight? You probably won’t believe this but yes it is already proven and tested. A chef from New York City said that this is very effective because he lost over 100 pounds after eating only pizza for lunch every single day. He made a very simple yet delicious Margherita pizza he was able to control the carbs, fat and sodium on his pizza. He said that his pizza is like coming from the Mediterranean diet. The chef uses natural ingredients and contains 570 calories. The result? He was able to achieve his goal weight and gained much more energy.

It would be better to eat a fresh and hot pizza than leftover cold pizza. Not just this chef that comes from NYC but also a group of participants were able to accept this pizza challenge and in just two weeks they were able to lowered their individual weight. If you really wanted to achieve your goal weight don’t forget to add some vegetables in the pizza. Vegetables are good source of vitamins and minerals! You can do it!

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