Sex-Seeking Giant Moths Have Awoken In The UK

2 Giant months found in UK- this moths are seeking for Sex partners

Huge moths found in the garden and they are looking for love.  Various people reported seeing large insect especially in their garden, walls and balcony. according to experts  they’re awake because they are finding partners. most of the moths found are “the Poplar Hawk” this kind of moths can’t eat or drink and exist only to have sex then die.

Julie Jones, from Tranmere, Wirral, said she saw one as big as her hands so she took a picture despite being scared of the months . Alan Gunn, from the natural Science and Psychology at liverpool John Moores University said the caterpillars feed on the leave of poplar trees, When they have finished feeding the caterpillars they crawl down to the ground and pupater over winter. The adult moths emerge at this time of year but do not live very long.

The moths mostly fly at night because they are attracted to light. that’s why we found moths especially in our home during night because they are attracted to light

Moths are likely rest in dark places because birds find them very tasty. According to Professor ilik Saccheri, Professor of Ecological Genetics at the University of Liverpool, said moths always remained the same size were not any bigger that usual this year.

The Poplar hawk moth is not uncommon species and they are totally harmless

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