Ivanka Trump Was In Contact With A Russian Who Offered A Trump-Putin Meeting

Ivanka Trump Was In Contact With A Russian Who Offered A Trump-Putin Meeting

The daughter of the US President Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump were persuading Michael Cohen. Michael Cohen is their family special attorney. She was urging Michael Cohen to work with  Dmitry Klokov a Russian weightlifter in year 2015. Dmitry Klokov could introduce Donald Trump to the Russian President Vladimir , this report was coming from the Buzzfeed News who has four sources.

Ivanka trump is the first-born child of President Donald Trump. She is a consultant also in the Presidential palace. The russian weightlifter could be the key to arrange a meeting between the US President Donald Trump & The Russian President Vladimir Putin, the meeting was for the 100-story Trump World Tower Moscow.  Michael Cohen, their personal attorney exchanged one phone call & two emails with the player, rejected the assistance. He was not being inspected by the federal prosecutors in New York.

The Russian athlete said that he had not spoken to Ivanka Trump ever since and he don’t know what are they talking about he also added that he is not a political, and he is just a weightlifter. The spokesperson for Abbe Lowell, the President’s ethics counsel, Peter Mirijanian was also with the Trump Tower in Moscow.

Peter Mirijanian gives his statement saying;”Ms. Trump did not know and never spoke to Dmitriy Klokov. She received an unsolicited email from his wife (who she also did not know) and passed it on to Michael Cohen who she understood was working on any possible projects in Russia. She did no more than that,”

Stephen M. Ryan the assistant of Michael Cohen’s attorney, said that the lawyer cannot give his comment right now about this issue because he was in a meeting. The assistant also refused to give his comment about this issue to the Buzzfeed. A request from  the CNBC that the Presidential palace would give their comments too did not receive any response yet.

The big construction in Moscow was eventually eliminated.

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