Hold Onto Your Butts, ‘Cause “Jurassic Park” Is Coming To Netflix

We all love Netflix! The American top media services provider! During our spare time we tend to sit, relax, grab a coffee and enjoy Netflix. Netflix was founded in 1997 and up until now! Netflix gained millions of subscribers worldwide.

Are you a Netflix subscriber? Are you excited for this news? The american science-fiction film “Jurassic Park” is coming to Netflix! Good news! Good news! Since every night you can’t decide what to watch on Netflix this is the best news for you! Jurassic Park is the perfect movie of the date. Jurassic Park will be on Netflix this coming July 1. The entire Jurassic Park film series is coming! From 1993, 1997 “The Lost World” up until 2001.

Many people were very glad to hear this news! Everyone is so excited to watch Jeff Goldblum again. One fan said: “I’ve come to terms with the fact that I was definitely too young for the level of crush I had on Jeff Goldblum, but it’s comforting to feel that I wasn’t alone with it either.”  Are you excited too?

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