A Very Big, Fluffy Dog Got Tired On A Hike And Had To Be Carried Down A Mountain

Summer is here already! It means happy times & good sunshine. It’s really fun during summer time. Why? We can do some outdoor activities like hiking, biking, camping, mountain climbing, swimming and so on. We can also spend time with our dogs since dogs are considered as a man’s best friend. They give us affection and unconditional love as their owner.

One day in Colorado a fluffy and cute Big Pyrenees were rescued by the Evergreen Fire Rescue team after he quits in the middle of a hike with his owner and seems so exhausted and most likely dehydrated. The 120 pound & 5 year-old dog is Kato. The rescue team used a stretcher in carrying Kato down the mountain. Kato looks like a human patient! “Kato was too heavy” said one of the spokesperson of the Fire department.

While the fire rescue team carried him he remain well behave and looks very comfortable and very happy. The Evergreen Fire Department officer spoke to the local NBI and inform them that the owner won’t be paying anything for the rescue, since their staffs gladly volunteer for the dog. Pictures were shared and uploaded on social media. Everyone is so happy with this random act of kindness. Cheers to the fire rescue team & for Kato the adorable dog!

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